How Steel Cod Works

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Steel Cod solves a problem you're faced with every day you sell appliances: your customers, contractors and installers all need the specs for an order but you don't have them. Sometimes you're too busy working on new orders; at other times, even after hours of searching you still can't find the specs you're looking for. Or -- even worse! -- you mistakenly pick the wrong the specs, which could lead to callbacks, returns or damaged property.

You can help avoid all these issues by using Steel Cod's unique specification document management system (SDMS). Email or upload your quote or invoice and you'll have a compiled spec document within seconds.


  • Attach your PDF invoice or quote to an email and send it to The subject line and body of the email may be filled out or be empty, it does not matter.
  • Moments later you will receive an email back containing a table showing all the models numbers included in the quote or invoice, whether or not spec sheets were found for each.
  • Attached is the complied spec package, in the order that they were found on the quote.


  • Log onto and click the Upload tab.
  • From here you may drag and drop a PDF quote from your desktop or file folder and the package will be compiled within seconds.
  • Note that instead of using the drag and drop, you can also use the Browse button to upload your quote with the same results.

View the compiled spec sheet

The complete package includes 3 initial pages:

  1. You company’s cover page, which includes your company name and branding.
  2. The second page goes includes more information about the document itself, included when it was compiled and the salesperson’s contact details.
  3. The third page gives a list of the appliances and specs found in the package.

Your spec sheets are then included in the rest of the document. Steel Cod does not shrink, watermark, re-number or in any way alter the original spec sheets we receive from the manufacturers, so you can be assured that you're viewing the spec sheets exactly as the manufacturers intended.

Modify the results

Every scan has a corresponding details page, where you can do the following:

  • Remove unwanted specs - Steel Cod pulls in all the specs for a given model number. For example, a Sub-Zero refrigerator might have a standard install spec and a flush install spec. If you're doing a flush install, you can use the details page to simply remove the standard install spec from the compiled spec sheet.
  • Add more specs - If you have a company-specific or customized spec sheet, you can add it for that model number and it will be included on all future compiled spec sheets that include that model.

Search the database

As a Steel Cod user you'll also have access to our database, where you can quickly search for specific model numbers and generate ad-hoc spec sheets for when you don't have a quote or invoice readily available!

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